Author Soren Baker on Tonight’s MUSENOMIX radio show

Super Bowl Champions - The Story Of The 2012 Baltimore Ravens - Book Cover
Author Soren Baker will appear on TONIGHT’S MUSENOMIX radio show, which runs from 10 pm – 12 am EST.
Tune in on WMBR 88.1FM in the Boston area or online at
This episode will feature a guest interview at 10:30 pm from the Maryland-bred, LA-based music writer/author Soren Baker (@SorenBakerabout his new book Super Bowl Champions: The Story Of The 2012 Baltimore Ravens.

Tonight’s show will also be co-hosted by Baltimore-bred Boston Globe music journalist and fellow die-hard Ravens fan Martin Caballero (@_el_caballero), who will discuss the teams’ quest for the NFL franchise’s second ring.

Other topics covered will be the legendary Ray Lewis and his triumph over the stigma from his murder trial in 2000, which almost ended his career, as well as other obstacles the team faced to secure its second championship.

DJ B-Tips will provide the crazy funk and new classic hip hop mix in tonight’s show.

Call the WMBR station line at 617-253-8810 if you have questions or comments for the guests and the @MUSENOMIX crew.

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Ravens Defense Rebounds In Postseason


Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis has helped Baltimore's defense return to its stingy ways during the 2012 playoffs.

Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis has helped Baltimore’s defense return to its stingy ways during the 2012 playoffs. Photo Patrick Smith/Getty Images.


By Soren Baker.

The Ravens defense caught plenty of well-deserved flak for its play during the 2012 regular season.

But it has been a different story during Baltimore’s postseason run to the Super Bowl.

Consider these facts.

The Ravens held Andrew Luck and his Indianapolis Colts without a touchdown in the Wild Card round.

Baltimore limited Peyton Manning and the prolific Denver Broncos offense to 21 points during the Divisional Round, its lowest output since Week 12 against the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Purple and Black shut out Tom Brady and New England Patriots in the second half of the AFC Championship and held the Super Bowl-winning QB’s offense to just one touchdown for the game.

This may not be one of the Raven’s best defenses, but it appears to be rounding into shape at the right time.


For more from Soren Baker, follow him on Twitter @SorenBaker and visit his author page on

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Harbaugh Needs To Use His Timeouts

Coach Harbaugh Used A Timeout At The End Of The Cardinals Game Last Year. He Should Have In The AFC Championship Game, Too.

Words By Soren Baker



I spent the last two months watching many of the Ravens’ 2011 games.

One of the more striking things that took place was the comeback against the Arizona Cardinals October 30.

After trailing 24-6 at halftime, Baltimore rallied to win 30-27.

But what was noteworthy was what Purple & Black head coach John Harbaugh did with three seconds left in the fourth quarter and the game tied at 27.

He called time out.

This was a regular season game and Harbaugh wanted to make sure that the kicking unit was properly set up in order to give kicker Billy Cundiff the best chance to make the what-would-be game-winning 25-yard field goal attempt.

Cundiff made the kick and the Ravens won.

Fast forward to January 22, 2012 and the AFC Championship Game against the New England Patriots

With a trip to the Super Bowl on the line and Charm City’s Finest down by three points with 15 seconds remaining in regulation, Harbaugh elected to hold on to his final time out.

Some unethical down markings aside — on the field, it said it was third down, not fourth down — the Ravens kicking unit rushed onto the field.

Cundiff then missed a 32-yard field goal attempt that would have tied the game and likely sent the contest to overtime.

Of course, Cundiff should have made the kick anyway.

Regardless, it baffles me why Harbaugh, the lauded special teams maven, used a timeout against Arizona during the regular season to help his kicking unit and did not use one during the AFC Championship.

What was he saving it for?

If the Ravens find themselves in a similar situation at any point during the 2012 season, I hope Harbuagh uses everything at his disposal, including timeouts, to give the Ravens the best chance to win.

Had he done so against the Patriots in January, the Ravens may have been playing for a Super Bowl rather than watching it.


Follow Soren Baker on Twitter @SorenBaker.

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CoastToCoastRavens Author Soren Baker On MIT Radio Show

Here’s a link to the MIT radio show on which “One Catch Away: The Story Of The 2011 Baltimore Ravens” author Soren Baker appeared Wednesday,

Thank you again to Dana Scott for having Baker on the show and to Brian Coleman for making it happen.

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Soren Baker On The Radio In Boston Tonight owner and “One Catch Away: The Story Of The 2011 Baltimore Ravens” author Soren Baker will be the guest on WMBR tonight with Dana Scott.

The show starts at 10 pm EST.

Stream it on WMBR if you’re not in Boston.

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A Change In Policy

Former Baltimore Colt Anthony “Bubba” Green pushes for legislative change regarding contact voltage in honor of his late daughter.

By Soren Baker

Anthony “Bubba” Green remembers the conversations with his daughter. When the former Baltimore Colts defensive tackle dropped Deanna off at school, he encouraged his daughter to be a blessing in someone’s life that day.

Deanna had her own plans as well.

“Deanna always told us that she was going to be famous,” Green says today. “That was one of her ultimate dreams. We thought it was going to be from her angelic voice. Little did we understand that it was going to be because she was going to save the life of people throughout the country and the world.”

Deanna was electrocuted in 2006 while warming up during a softball game at a park in the Druid Hill section of Baltimore. She was 14.

Green and his wife have since dedicated their lives to battling the problem of contact voltage, a condition where a power system feeds electricity to a surface that can be contacted by the general public. In older metropolitan areas such as Baltimore, aging underground and aboveground electrical distribution equipment is often concentrated in public areas, including parks and streets. Deanna, for instance, was
electrocuted when she touched a fence in the park where she was playing softball.

The Greens backed a bill that passed in Maryland in October 2011. Dubbed the Deanna C. Green Rule, it mandates that assets around recreation parks and facilities have to be tested for contact voltage.

Green and his wife are now pushing for a more stringent law that requires annual testing or mobile surveying for contact voltage throughout the City of Baltimore and the state of Maryland.

“What we want is for the city to work with us, and not just put a band-air over a bullet hole,” says Green, who adds that the problem is particularly dangerous because people cannot see it. “We want to make sure that the streets of Baltimore are not only safe from murderers or fire departments being closed. We want it to be safe from kids touching manhole covers, parking meters, stop signs and intersection
crossing buttons. All these things are electrified through contact voltage. People are still walking around the state of Maryland with the possibility of being electrically shocked or electrocuted because there’s no real testing going on.”

Green says that he prefers mobile surveying because that would detect every electrical problem. Manual surveying, by comparison, involves an electric company employee walking down a block and picking what they would want to test. Manual surveying would, by default, not be as effective as mobile surveying, he says.

“This is a fight that they chose to get into and we’re not going to quit,” Green says. “Our daughter’s legacy will remain across the country.”

Through the efforts of Green and his wife, contact voltage testing laws have been passed in Maryland and Rhode Island. Green says getting similar legislation passed in Washington, DC and Florida are next on his agenda. He says he hopes to work in two states a
year until the entire country has contact voltage testing legislation in effect.

The Greens set up Deanna’s Lyric Foundation ( to honor their daughter and provide more information regarding contact voltage.

Green says he is pushing so hard to spread awareness regarding contact voltage because he wants to prevent another family from suffering such a loss as he did.

“When you do these things, you have to work with your grief along with the rewards that you receive in helping other people’s children,” he says. “We had to forgive Baltimore City. I truly believe that if we didn’t forgive them, then we would have never gotten this far.”

Follow Soren Baker on Twitter @SorenBaker.

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“One Catch Away” is now available on iTunes

Accented by quotes from Terrell Suggs, Ray Rice, Joe Flacco, Torrey Smith, John Harbaugh and Rex Ryan, One Catch Away: The Story Of The 2011 Baltimore Ravens was written in real time during the Ravens’ 2011 season.

The book provides a detailed evaluation of every game the Ravens played, from their season-opening annihilation of the Pittsburgh Steelers to the gut-wrenching loss to the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship game.

One Catch Away has already sold copies in the United States, Italy and the UK.

Join the movement.

“One Catch Away” on

“One Catch Away: The Story Of The 2011 Baltimore Ravens” by Soren Baker

Accented by quotes from Terrell Suggs, Ray Rice, Joe Flacco, Torrey Smith, John Harbaugh and Rex Ryan, “One Catch Away: The Story Of The 2011 Baltimore Ravens” was written in real time during the Ravens’ 2011 season. The book provides a detailed evaluation of every game the Ravens played, from their season-opening annihilation of the Pittsburgh Steelers to the gut-wrenching loss to the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship game.

“One Catch Away: The Story Of The 2011 Baltimore Ravens”  is on now,

“This is hands down the best Raven’s book I’ve ever read.” -Todd Gobeille

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New Ravens Book by @Sorenbaker Now Available on

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Player Evaluations: Billy Cundiff Exceeded Expectations

Billy Cundiff became a major weapon for the Ravens during the 2010 season.

Words By Soren Baker.

John Harbaugh’s decision making was regularly questioned during the 2010 season, but the Baltimore Ravens’ head coach made one of the best decisions of his career before the 2010 campaign even started.

He chose Billy Cundiff over Shayne Graham as the Ravens’ kicker.

Graham came in with the more impressive resume and the hype, but Cundiff outperformed him during the 2010 offseason and preseason and Harbaugh showed that current performance mattered more than past performance when he selected Cundiff as the Ravens’ kicker for the 2010 season.

Of course, Cundiff has a Pro Bowl campaign, hitting 26 of 29 field goals, converting 39 of 39 point after attempts and notching a remarkable 40 touchbacks.

Cundiff was rewarded for his breakout season in January, when he reportedly signed a five-year, $15 million deal with the Ravens.

After a journeyman career that included stops in Dallas, New Orleans and Cleveland, as well as being out of the NFL in 2007 and 2008, Cundiff rebounded.

According to Cundiff and the Ravens, participating in a full offseason program for the first time in several years allowed Cundiff to refine his kicking motion, adjust his workout regimen and lock in his timing with holder Sam Koch.

With Cundiff, Baltimore seems to have its kicking duties solidified for the next several years.

Former Ravens icon Matt Stover was difficult to replace, but Cundiff seems up to the task.

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